Dream of: 16 March 2010 "Novice FBI Agent"

I was about 25 years old, and I was training with two other fellows to become FBI agents. We were all novices. One fellow was black and was wearing sun glasses. Dressed in suits, we were walking out of a house. I had taken off my tie, but the other two were still wearing theirs. I began talking to them about an arrest I had made the previous day on a case on which we had all been working together. The arrest had been the first I had ever made in my life. The other two hadn't thought I had been serious about becoming an FBI agent, but since I had made the arrest, they were reevaluating their opinions. Neither one of them had made an arrest yet. I was feeling quite chipper for having made the arrest.

As we walked along, on one side of us were trees, and on the other side was a row of houses. When we suddenly heard someone talking, we stopped and realized some of the people upon whom we were conducting surveillance lived in one of the houses. Thinking we needed to be more out in the open, I stepped out into the road. The black fellow followed me, and he and I stood in the middle of the street. People standing around some of the houses looked at us suspiciously. It looked as if we had simply appeared out of nowhere and were staring at the houses.

A woman (around 30 years old) was standing on the porch of one house. She looked at us as if to ask what we were doing. I starred back at her, thinking our job consisted of doing that kind of work. It didn't matter what the people thought, we were going to do our job. 

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