Dream of: 13 March 2010 "Aborted Trip"

I was at an airport, planning to fly to Paris. I was preparing to buy my ticket, when my girlfriend (my ex wife Carolina, only 18-19 years old)  and another girl about the same age showed up. I had previously taken an 80 milligram Oxycontin pill (plus even more of something else) and the drug had hit me hard. I was stumbling around, and after Carolina arrived, I changed my mind and decided not to go on my trip. As the three of us started climbing up some stairs to leave the airport, I had difficulty walking. When one of the flip-flops which I was wearing on my feet came off, I blurted to the girl with Carolina, "I knew that was what would happen."

I finally managed to put the flip-flop back on, even though it was wet and smashed on one side. As I resumed my climb up the stairs, a woman (around 30 years old) stepped in front of me and simply stood there. We were on the left side of a railing which ran down the middle of the stairs, and it  seemed as if she were being deliberately mean, insinuating I was on the wrong side of the railing. I thought to myself, "Now if this bitch would get out of my way."

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