Dream of: 02 March 2010 "Dubai"

As I was sitting at a table in a library, I could hear a female employee of the library talking in a room behind me. She was gleefully telling another woman how a new system at the library would allow the library to charge more for overdue books and how the new system would make life so much harder for the library patrons. When she stepped out of the room (she was blonde, overweight, probably in her early 30s) I made a comment to her that she should be happy now. She snubbed me and walked away.

Another conservatively dressed woman (probably in her early 40s) sitting at the end of my table said something about the blonde woman's not being her favorite person in the world. I looked at the woman and moved closer to her. I seemed to be sitting in something like a wheelchair so I was simply able to roll down to her end of the table. I immediately noticed that her chest was uncovered. Oddly, she only had one breast which was spread out across her entire chest with a nipple in the middle. I thought I had heard of women having one breast like that, but I had never actually seen one. She quickly covered herself and began talking. She seemed a little nervous and immediately showed me she had some kind of discs or tapes in a box which apparently contained a French language course. She said she had traveled all the way to Dubai to obtain the course and she talked about a car accident which she had had in Dubai. I thought it ridiculous that anyone would travel to Dubai simply for a language course. Still nervous, she soon stood up and left.

Another woman (probably also in her early 40s, dressed in a suit) was standing behind me. As I looked at the woman, she spoke a few words in French and I responded, "Vous parlez francais?"

She responded in French, I answered her in French, and we began having a little conversation in French. I was able to understand everything she said and I was able to speak intelligibly myself. Talking with someone in French was such a pleasure.

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