Dream of: 01 March 2010 "Wearing A Wig"

I owned several pieces of real estate in Texas which I needed to sell. My ex-wife Carolina was supposed to receive half the proceeds. One piece of real estate was just around the corner from my old home, the Summerdale Drive House (where Carolina still lived with her second husband, Sal). The property was a vacant lot surrounded by tall elegant houses. An auction had been scheduled to take place in just a few days to sell the property, and I had come to Texas to watch the auction. I also realized I needed to put a sign up on the property to advertise the auction.

I was in a building which seemed something like a warehouse and I was listening to two men talking about a corporation. I was interested in their discussion because I thought the corporation wanted to buy the vacant lot which was going to be auctioned. From the tenor of the conversation, however, it appeared the corporation was having difficulties. When I asked one of the two men if he worked for the "Department of Justice," he said he did. He explained that the corporation was still solvent and functioning, but I was concerned the corporation might decide not to bid on my property at the auction.

I was concerned I wasn't going to receive as much for the property as I had hoped. I had originally thought I might receive as much as $80,000. Now I wondered if I would even receive $17,000. Why would someone pay $80,000 for a vacant lot when a lot with a house could be found for just a little more? And why did the corporation want that particular lot anyway?

I knew Carolina would be disappointed if we didn't receive a good price for the lot. She apparently needed the money. As I contemplated the situation more, however, I realized we owned some of the stock of the corporation in question. I thought the stock was quite valuable and that I could at least sell the stock and make quite a bit of money from it.

I went to the Summerdale Drive House to tell Carolina what was going on. The House looked exactly like the House in Patriot (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). Carolina and I were standing in the kitchen and I was explaining the situation to her. She seemed a bit desperate for money, and I thought I might lend her some if she needed it.

Suddenly, however, Carolina got a funny look on her face and I realized something was wrong. I looked out the kitchen window and saw that her husband Sal had pulled up. He was driving a maroon Lumina, just like the one Carolina and I used to own. I was almost in a panic. I wasn't wearing any pants and just had a cover thrown around me. I immediately began looking around for my pants and told Carolina to help me. She didn't seem particularly concerned about Sal's showing up.

I looked and looked but couldn't find my pants. Finally, realizing Sal was just about to walk in the door, I slipped into the bathroom and told Carolina to pass my pants to me when she found them. After a few minutes she slipped something into me and I put it on. I then stepped out of the bathroom only to find Sal standing in front of me. I abruptly realized Carolina had given me a short-haired wig which I had put on in the bathroom. Sal looked at me, but he didn't recognize me.

With little ado, I made my way to the door and stepped outside into the driveway. As I walked around looking for my car, Sal also walked outside and climbed back in his car. I was worried Sal would see the Ohio license plates on my car and would then realized who I was. But I couldn't find my car anywhere. When I saw several other impressive cars sitting in the driveway, I recalled that Sal worked for a car company and I concluded he was able to use the other cars.

When I walked to the corner of the driveway, turned left on the street and continued walking, Sal followed me slowly in his car. His muffler appeared faulty because it was making a lot of noise. As he drove along side me, he spoke to me several times and I answered. I walked all the way to the end of the block, where Sal turned left. It appeared he was going to go around the block. As soon as he was out of sight, I dashed into a nearby maze of buildings which looked like an Hispanic area of town. I just wanted to get away from Sal. I thought I might slip into a restaurant, but then I saw a doorway of a huge building and I stepped into it. I sat down on the steps and looked around the corner back at the street to see if I could spot Sal. I just hoped I had given him the slip.

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