Dream of: 24 February 2010 "Metal Men"

I was on the second floor of a two story house where I apparently had lived when I had been young. I was sitting on the floor and in front of me were a couple boxes of old comic books which belonged to me. Other people were walking around the house and it appeared that an auction was taking place and everything in the house was being sold. Since the comics still belonged to me, I was being allowed to take them.

I picked up several comics and looked through them. I saw a copy of "Yogi Bear" which caught my attention because I recalled I had recently acquired a copy of a Yogi Bear comic and I wondered if this copy was in the same series. I found another comic which was in excellent shape for its age. I saw a copy of "Green Lantern" which I thought I might like to read later. I recalled that Green Lantern had been a member of the Justice League and that I had never read the Justice League much because the stories had seemed too convoluted and hard to follow. Now, however, I felt as if I might want to read some of the Justice League.

I then found a number of comics with no covers. As I flipped through them, I wondered if this box of comics was a box of doubles which I had stored. The comics wouldn't be worth much without covers, but I thought I might still like to read some of them. Most of the coverless comics seemed to be of off-brand titles which hadn't lasted long. I thought how some of these comics represented the dreams of some artists and writers and still might be worth reading.

The other people in the room showed little interest in what I was doing. They probably thought comics were a waste of time. But I enjoyed the time I spent reading and keeping track of comics.

I stood and walked over to another box, then sat down again. I just looked straight ahead of me, thinking of the different comics I had read over the years and how difficult it would be to again acquire some of the old titles. Comics such as "The Metal Men" came to mind, an interesting old comic which had disappeared many years ago.

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