Dream of: 23 February 2010 "The Island"

I was stranded on a deserted island with 50-60 other people. I tried to keep track of the others, but I noticed a couple men (probably in their 30s) had disappeared and I didn't know what had happened to them. I thought maybe they would turn up again later. As the days passed, tensions seemed to increase and finally one group of people broke off from the others. The break-away group almost seemed like savages and seemed to want to make war on the rest of the group. They found an area of the island covered with dry grass and set it on fire. Then they rushed through the fire as if they were going to attack and they themselves caught fire. I watched the bizarre sight as their burning bodies dashed across the land.

Afterwards life settled down and the remaining group seemed to be living in harmony. Some of us were out walking around when we encountered an area covered in pale vanilla- and tangerine-colored flowers. When I pulled up a swath of the flowers, it was like holding a piece of cloth. Since I was naked, I pulled the cloth around me like an apron, covering my backside and pulling the flaps together in front. When a woman standing in front of me pointed out that my crotch was not completely covered, I pulled the flaps together. She said something about cutting up a bigger piece of the flowers so I could completely wrap myself up in them, but I didn't think I would pull up any more flowers.

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