Dream of: 22 February 2010 "Tobacco Grower"

Sitting in the Gallia County Farmhouse, I began thinking I might want to start raising tobacco on the Farm. I was looking at a small tobacco plant which was growing in a vase in the kitchen and I admired the beauty of the plant. It had small grayish-green leaves and little pale-purple flowers. The sprout of a tiny tree was also growing next to the tobacco plant and sometimes I had trouble distinguishing the leaves of the plant from those of the tree. I knew I had long criticized the growing of tobacco and had been especially severe in judging my father's erstwhile cultivation of tobacco. Now, however, I began to sense the beauty of the plant and admire its long history in the United States, from the times of the Indians to the present. After all, tobacco was simply a plant and as such, a product of nature. Perhaps my past judgments of the plant had been too harsh.

Even if I did decide to raise tobacco, I wondered if I could stick with the cultivation till the end. I knew raising tobacco was arduous work and would require a long commitment. I wondered if I could stay on the Farm long enough to see a crop of tobacco through to the end.

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