Dream of: 21 February 2010 "Telekinetic Dream"

I was on a farm where many people were gathered. I planned to help someone transport something from the farm, but just as we were ready to leave, I noticed a table had been set up with stuff piled on it. People were gathering around the table as if an auction was going to be held. Even though I was in a hurry, I decided to quickly look at the stuff. As I walked toward the table, I noticed two stacks of comic books on the table, but before I could reach the table, another fellow stepped in front of me, picked up one stack of comics and began looking through it. I reached the table, picked up the other stack (the smaller stack), and began looking through it. When the other fellow laid his stack back down, I quickly finished looking through my stack, picked up his stack and began looking through it.

The comic on the top of the second stack was called "The Immortals." I had never read that comic before and I began thinking I would like to have at least one copy of every different kind of comic book. I thought I might buy the copy of "The Immortals" simply because I didn't have a copy of that particular comic.

I came across another comic with a colorful cover which looked as if it might be "Batman." I thought I might also buy it. As I continued looking through the comics, the words "telekinetic dream" came to my mind. I thought I had heard that term before, but I wasn't quite sure what it meant. I was uncertain I had ever had a telekinetic dream and I thought I should contemplate the term a bit more and try to figure out what it meant.

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