Dream of: 19 February 2010 "Awkward Situation"

As Michelle and I were walking together along Gallia Street in Portsmouth (headed east toward Gay Street), I was talking with her. She had asked me to go someplace with her and I had agreed to go. I told her, however, that I also wanted her to go somewhere with me. I was thinking that my high school reunion was going to be held the following Friday at the old Portsmouth High School building, and I wanted Michelle to accompany me. At first I had hesitated to ask her because she was so young and having her with me at the reunion might prove awkward, but finally I decided I would take her. After all, she was my present companion, even though I knew people would be shocked when they saw me at the reunion with her. I could just see myself being with Michelle and running into one of my old teachers at the reunion.

As possible scenes of the reunion ran through my mind, I saw myself at the reunion wearing a red cloth wrapped around my head like a cap. I thought other people Michelle's age would be at the reunion, because people always brought their children and grandchildren. So at least she would be able to communicate with some people there besides the old people from my class. 

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