Dream of: 18 February 2010 "Dirty Laundry"

While my ex-wife Carolina and I were in the Summerdale Drive House, we thought we heard a noise in front of the House. Carolina and I (we were both fully clothed) walked to the front door, which I discovered was open. Outside in front of the House were about 10 people who were apparently having a yard sale in the front yard. As we watched, all of them marched into the House and sat down in the front room. They were interrupting my time with Carolina and I was not happy to see them there. I hung back while Carolina walked into the living room and began talking with the people.

I walked around the House and started cleaning up. The House was neat, but some beer bottles were sitting on the floor. I began picking up the bottles and throwing them away. I knew I needed to clean up the mess because Carolina's husband Sal would be home later and I needed to erase all traces of my having been there.

I could hear the people talking with Carolina. They were trying to sell her some kind of "package" for advertising yard sales. It included newspaper advertising, props, and all kinds of things. I just wanted the people to leave, but since she continued to talk with them, I continued to clean. I picked up some dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine. When I discovered a couple towels with feces on them, I recalled Carolina had recently had a baby and I concluded the feces was from the baby. I threw the towels over to the side since I didn't want to put the towels in the washing machine with the other clothes.

When I again looked into the living room, I saw the people had spread out about 10 shotguns on the floor. I stepped back to the bedroom and discovered another shotgun lying on the floor in there. I didn't think much of it, but seeing the guns on the floor seemed a bit peculiar.

I continued cleaning, hoping Carolina would hurry up. She stepped out of the living room for a moment to speak with me. I told her to hurry because it was almost 4 p.m. and I thought Sal might be coming home at that time. She again returned to the living room to talk more with the people.

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