Dream of: 12 February 2010 "Disconcerted"

I was inside a rather peculiar church. It appeared to be round and I had the feeling it might be underground. The floor was concrete. I had come there with a woman I barely knew and her son (about 15 years old). Hardly anyone else was in the church and I was lying down on the floor between the pews. I had several covers wrapped around me, under which I was completely naked.

The woman's son walked up to the pulpit and began speaking, even though no one appeared to be in the pews except his mother and I, and I didn't even see her. Although the boy was quite overweight, I was surprised at his eloquence. He didn't appear to be preaching, but seemed to be demanding that some undertaking be performed. Several members of the congregation began arriving. They didn't sit down, but simply stood at the back close to the door, as if waiting for the boy to finish speaking.

I was becoming nervous because it looked as if people would soon be coming inside and I was still naked. I thought I would have to stand up and walk out with the covers wrapped around me. Being wrapped in covers would be embarrassing, but at least I should be able to keep covered. When the boy finally finished speaking and walked toward me, I told him my dilemma and asked him to take me to a restroom where I could put on some clothes. He said the only restrooms were the one straight behind the pulpit and another one which was likewise highly visible. Then he remembered a restroom on the second floor.

I stood up and he led me up the stairs. He opened the door to the restroom and told me to wait outside. He walked in and I waited for a moment, then looked inside. I was shocked by what I saw. He had climbed up on the sink beside the commode and was puking down the side of the wall toward the commode. The brown puke was splattered all over the wall. It seemed as if he were puking not because he was sick, but because he wanted to make some kind of statement by puking on the walls. The scene was quite disconcerting.

Another fellow walked up behind me, apparently wanting to use the restroom. I told him he would have to wait. I still had to go inside first. I was feeling very uncomfortable with the entire situation.

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