Dream of: 08 February 2010 "Alligator Meat"

I had sold a large, older, multi-story, frame, white house to Carol (an acquaintance from Portsmouth, Ohio, my age). I was at the house (which sat in front of a hill), taking care of some things which I had left undone. Even though Carol had already bought the house and moved in (and I no longer had any responsibility), I still felt I needed to take care of some items, such as disposing of some things which I had left in the house. As I walked through the house, I noticed some water on the floor near the front door, and as I looked closer, it appeared the water was coming from a leak in the wall. I picked up some towels and began cleaning up the water, even though I knew it was no longer my responsibility. I pointed out some other items to Carol, such as some windows which had been taken out of the house and were lying on the front porch.

When I walked outside, I saw Alan and Don (in their 20s, the sons of Carol's boyfriend). They were pushing wheelbarrows filled with brown leaves and dumping the leaves in the neighbor's yard. I also realized they had dumped a couple gray sharks (each around three meters long) in a pond in the neighbor's yard. I knew the neighbor would be upset, but again, it was none of my business. When I began talking to Alan, I began thinking the animals were alligators instead of sharks, and I asked him if alligator meat could be eaten. I seemed to remember having heard of restaurants in Florida which served alligator meat.

I was ready to leave. I walked down the sidewalk with neatly-cut bushes growing on both sides. I thought it would be good if I would plant bushes like that in the yards of some houses I owned in the east end of Portsmouth.

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