Dream of: 02 February 2010 "Needing Renovation"

I was riding a motorcycle somewhere between Dallas and Fort Worth. I was searching for a location, but I couldn't remember where it was. I pulled the motorcycle over into a little park and stopped. I set the motorcycle up on its parking-stands and I got off. While some people in the park were watching me, I took off my black gloves and threw them down on the ground. Then I pulled a small beige pamphlet (only four or five pages)  out of my pocket and began looking through the pamphlet for the address of the place for which I was searching. Many names were listed in the pamphlet. I thought my friend Eloise's name and phone number might be in the pamphlet and I began looking for it (Eloise was a Dallas friend a few years older than I, who committed suicide in 2001), but I couldn't remember Eloise's last name. I thought the last name might be "Perry" and I began looking for the name "Perry."

I did find a picture of the interior of a restaurant where food was displayed. A little hungry, I thought I might go to a good restaurant and order something tasty to eat. I hadn't been in a good restaurant for a while.

I also found a picture of a clothing store with new shirts, and I thought I might buy some new shirts. I was even thinking of a complete wardrobe re-do. It seemed as if I needed a renovation.

The pamphlet seemed to have been published by a charity and featured businesses who were having sales on a certain day. But I still couldn't find the address of the place for which I was searching.

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