Dream of: 01 February 2010 (2) "Medical Bills"

I had been given the task of arranging for 1,400 troops from one European country (somewhere near Russia) to be stationed in another country (which had previously been in the communist block) north of France. Abruptly I received a call from a high-ranking official of the country in which the troops were to be stationed. He said he wanted 1,400 "special" troops. He meant he wanted highly-trained troops. I knew I needed to make a call to someone about the transfer of troops, but I was somewhat hesitant because I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.

As I was mulling over the situation, I was riding on a bus, somewhere in Europe. An older man also riding on the bus turned to me and said a recent change had been made on credit cards and the interest rate had been raised to 2.5%. His English was almost perfect. I looked at him, thought for a moment about what he had said, then responded that the increase didn't seem that bad to me. Besides, it didn't make any difference to me because I always paid off my credit card and didn't carry a balance. He looked astonished. He said he carried a balance because he had medical bills which he had paid with his credit card. I was surprised by his statement because I had thought all medical bills were paid in Europe.

I thought I would tell the man something about medical care in the United States. I told him I hoped I could survive for seven more years because then I would be 64 years old and Medicare would kick in for me. I began explaining that Medicare would pay 80% of my medical expenses after I was 64 years old. He seemed interested in what I was saying. Another man sitting nearby also seemed to become interested in my speech.

I added that the 20% which I would have to pay could still be a lot of money if, for instance, I had a million dollar medical bill. In that case I would still have to pay $200,000. Both men seemed interested.

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