Dream of: 01 February 2010 "Crape"

As I was watching a futuristic science-fiction movie which seemed to be a prequel to Star Wars (even though it didn't seem to have anything to do with Star Wars), I thought it would be difficult for new futuristic movies to avoid fitting into a Star Wars or Star Trek format. I watched the movie so intently, it began to seem as if I were actually in the movie. While I was in a forested area, a wind sprung up which was so powerful it began knocking down trees. One falling tree almost hit me. I slowly realized someone in the movie had learned how to create small tornadoes which would hit an area then quickly disappear.

As I walked close to some nearby buildings, a car suddenly came flying past me and smashed into a wall of one of the buildings. I reflected that had I been a few steps closer, I would have been crushed. Realizing I needed protection, I walked into a building and I entered a spacious room with clothes scattered all over the place. The clothes appeared to be used and looked as if they had been gathered together for a charity. Realizing all the clothes were for girls, I wondered if there was another room with boys' clothes.

As I headed for a door to the next room, I noticed something move, and suddenly a little animal jumped out. The size of an average-sized dog, it looked like a dog, except it was made of slick shiny silver metal. It playfully jumped around the room.

Still seeming to watch the movie, and at the same time being in it, I realized that a boy (13-14 years old) in the room was the protagonist of the movie. The boy immediately bonded with the dog. The dog appeared to be lost, and the boy immediately took up with it and gave the dog a name: "Crape." The boy hollered, "Crape! Crape!"

The boy and the jumping dog continued walking through more rooms of the building. When they reached the last room and were about to step out the door, a man wearing a long green sweater stepped up to the door. The dog jumped toward the man, grabbed the sweater in its mouth, and bit off a piece. As the man stood there looking astonished, I didn't know what to do. I thought perhaps I should simply pay the man something for the sweater and move on. Since the man, however, didn't seem angry, I headed toward the door, intending to leave.

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