Dream of: 30 January 2010 "Flooded Creek"

I was in a little boat in Symmes Creek (at the bottom of the hill in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse) and another fellow was in another little boat behind me. The creek was over-flooded into the field, more like a lake than a creek. Since the current in the creek was so strong, I circled over into the flooded area in the field, then circled back into the creek. When I noticed the other fellow seemed to be unable to move his boat, I decided to help him by placing some boards in some trees along the creek bank so he could get out of the boat and walk on the boards to me.

Looking for boards, I got out of my boat and walked back up to the Farmhouse. I spotted several stacks of boards and finally focused on a stack of about 10 brand-new two by fours. I reflected that someone could simply load the boards into a truck, pull out and steal them. As I examined the boards, people began showing up until perhaps as many as 50 people were walking around the yard. I thought it must be Sunday afternoon. I didn't recognize any of the people and I thought about how much things had changed since I used to regularly visit the Farm.

Since I was hungry, I thought about going into the Farmhouse to look for something to eat, but I didn't know if that would be appropriate. One fellow pulled out some potato chips, which made me think some of the people had brought food with them because there wasn't enough to eat in the Farmhouse. Basically, the group of people reminded me of a bunch of moochers.

My father finally pulled up in a car. He got out of the car and walked along. He only looked as if he were in his mid 40s. He didn't pay much attention to me. Finally he walked over to a car and climbed into the driver's seat. Just as he was ready to back up the car, I noticed a small kitten lying behind the car. I thought I could run over and save the kitten, but I didn't. I simply stood there and watched. The car didn't move. I stood and waited to see what would happen next, wondering if I were going to be able to talk with my father.

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