Dream of: 26 January 2010 "The Byzantine Empire"

I was in a room on the second floor of a house (which somewhat resembled the Gallia County Farmhouse) with 20-30 girls (all around 16-17 years old) who were in some kind of class. As I walked around the room (I sometimes didn't appear to be completely dressed), I was listening to a recording about the history of the Byzantine Empire. I thought the girls would be upset because I was listening to the recording, but they all seemed transfixed, staring into space without saying anything.

Finally, after walking into a hallway and lying down on the floor next to a banister beside the stairs which led to the first floor, I looked down and saw that I was only wearing a long tee shirt which left my penis uncovered. I pulled the shirt down over my penis, wondering if I had been doing anything illegal and realizing that simply walking naked in front of the girls was a crime. I could get into trouble simply for doing that.

As I lay there, my friend Michelle walked up and lay down on top of me on her back, so that her head was on my chest and her back was on my penis. She had taken off her top so she was naked from the waist up, and I thought she was also going to take off her bottom. When I realized a husky fellow (around 20 years old) was lying down around my feet, I thought he was going to have sex with Michelle right there on top of me, but when I looked again at the fellow, I realized that another woman was lying with him and that he was getting ready to have sex with her. I watched as he climbed onto the second woman and started having sex with her right in front of me. The whole scene seemed a bit bizarre.


I was on a military ship. The same girls who had been in the class in the house were now in the water, lined up in a row. They were all naked (at least from the waist up) and I could see their well-formed breasts. As my ship passed them (it now seemed more as if I were on water skis than on a ship), I thought I could reach out and touch each of their breasts - but I didn't. The second time I approached them (still on skis) I rose into the air and jumped over the line and landed on the other side.

Looking back at them (I was once again on the ship), I saw Richard Nixon (dressed in a black suit) trying to ski near the girls. After he managed to lose one of his skis, the ship passed close to him several times. Then he also lost a black hat which he was wearing. I watched as he managed to retrieve his ski and hat. I thought it strange that he couldn't seem to take off the wet black suit which he was wearing. 

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