Dream of: 25 January 2010 "Little More Than Junk"

I was with two of my best friends from my high school and college era, Mike Walls and Randy Ramey (both were young, probably in their mid 20s), in a house where I lived. We were in an area of the house which seemed like a garage which had been converted into a living area. Little knickknacks (little more than junk) which I had collected over the years were sitting all around the room.

Ramey, Walls and I started playing dice with two sets of dice. One set was translucent-green with white dots, while the other was translucent-red with white dots. We had been sitting around and drinking alcohol and we had become so intoxicated, we didn't know whose turn it was, and we didn't know what point we were trying to make on the dice. I finally decided it was my turn and I thought the point I was trying to make was 10. I knew 10 would be a hard point to make and I told Ramey he could take the turn instead of me if he wanted. I was surprised when Ramey said he would take the turn.

After Ramey rolled three dice a couple times, trying to make his point, I suddenly realized he was only supposed to use two dice instead of three (the point 10 would be much easier to make with three dice than with two). He agreed and he picked up two dice instead of three. He threw the dice, which rolled back under an old refrigerator. I walked over to the refrigerator, looked at the dice to see what point they were showing, then pulled them out from under the refrigerator.

We played a little longer until I realized my mother (only about 30 years old) was sitting in the room. I walked over to her, pulled her top off so she was only wearing her bra above her waist, then walked back over to Ramey and continued playing dice.

When some more fellows showed up, we decided we were going to eat. My mother had already walked into a little kitchen which was right next to the room. I noticed she had already put her top back on, and I thought she might have been offended because I had taken it off in the first place. All the fellows sat down at a big long table in the room - four or five sat on one side and five or six sat on the other. I knew all the other fellows at the table and I wanted to talk with them because I hadn't seen them in a long time. I thought one was named "Robert Ramey" (not my friend Ramey) and I thought I used to know him long ago. When I looked around, however, he seemed to have disappeared.

On the table my mother had placed a bowl with several leftover pieces of chicken, including several legs, which she had reheated. We had originally planned on playing dice for the pieces of chicken, but when I sat down at the end of the table, I realized the other fellows had already devoured all the chicken except for a few scraps. I made a comment about how little was left for me. 

Nevertheless I felt good. I had recently been traveling and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell the others about a couple of interesting cities I had visited in the southern United States close to the Mississippi River. I had been particularly impressed by the architecture and statuary which I had seen in the cities.

I also felt good about seeing Walls and Ramey again after not having seen them in such a long time. I thought the three of us might even go camping together. I recalled that Walls used to have a big orange tent and I wanted to ask him if he still had it.

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