Dream of: 24 January 2010 "Waldo Lift"

I was in a large country house which Jan had apparently purchased (Jan was a thin sickly woman, probably in her late 60s, who rented a house from me in Portsmouth, Ohio in 2008-2009). I walked through the house and looked it over. Oddly put together, it had perhaps a dozen rooms. It actually turned out to be two houses which had been built together, with the front part of the house constructed of concrete block.

I finally walked outside and sat on the grass, waiting for someone else to show up. When Jan (who only looked about 40 years old) sat down on the grass near me, I commented about the pleasant view. The house was atop a knoll, from which we could see all the surrounding green countryside. A hill (which partially blocked the view) stood on the other side of the road in front of the house. The more I looked past the hill and all around, the more I realized how fine the view was.

I looked back at the house, wondering how the two houses had been combined into one. Abruptly I asked Jan how much she had paid for the house. She answered that she had paid $15,000, apparently at an auction. I thought I would like to own the house and I told her I would give her $21,000 for it. I thought she might be interested. At first she didn't seem to show any interest, but then she seemed to start thinking about it. She asked me when I could make the payment. I told her I could do it "tomorrow." I thought to myself that I had the money, even though paying that amount in cash would crimp me a little. I told her I wanted to go back inside and look the house over a little more.

I walked back inside. The house clearly had cosmetic problems. I raised the carpet in one room to see if it had hardwood floors and I discovered small white half-centimeter square white tiles on the floor. The tiles were loose, which explained why the carpeting had felt bumpy. In another area I saw some wood flooring which appeared to be in poor condition. I thought perhaps I could lay tile in all the rooms. That would cost some money, but of course all the repairs would cost money.

Brown paneling on the walls of one room displeased me. I could run border strips along the edge of the ceiling and I could paint the room white. The ceiling was made of small cardboard-type panels which could also be painted white. The house needed a lot of touchup and I thought the lack of touchup could explain why the previous owners had had difficulty selling the house. I figured they had tried to sell the house and had finally had to resort to an auction. Even with cosmetic work, making a profit on the house would be difficult.

A bathroom on the first floor was in bad shape. I also discovered a bathroom on the second floor as well as a room which appeared to be a library full of books. I uncovered a big two-car garage which I hadn't even noticed the first time I had been in the house. I thought I could improve the garage by installing automatic garage openers. As I continued through the house, I noticed some other people in some of the rooms.

I was thinking I might like to have the house as a second house where I could live. If nothing else, I could rent out some of the rooms. I thought I might get $25 a week, or I could perhaps charge $300 per month and have as many as four people living there. I wasn't sure how much I could ask for rent, but I thought I could make enough from rent to make the house pay for itself. On the other hand, I might just keep the house for myself as a sort of retreat.

When Jan walked back in the house, she seemed more interested in selling it to me. We walked back outside together, boarded a car which she was driving, and we headed back toward Portsmouth. I estimated we were about 25 kilometers from Portsmouth.

As we rode down a country road headed toward Portsmouth, a gigantic beautiful brown grizzly bear suddenly ran across the road in front of us. Amazed, I didn't know what to think. I turned to Jan and blurted, "Did you see that?"

She answered, "Yea."

Suddenly struck by the beauty of the bear, I murmured that I had never seen anything like that.

Jan slowed her speed. As I continued looking back through the rear view mirror, I could still see the bear running toward a field on the side of the road. We were in an isolated forested area with some fields. When Jan finally slowed the car to a stop, I looked back and saw the bear standing on its hind legs on the side of the road next to the field. The bear appeared to be reaching up into a large tree, pulling down the limbs, and eating the leaves of the tree.

Finally I realized the huge tree (almost a meter in diameter) was actually lying on its side, having fallen down. Even though the tree was enormous, the bear grabbed hold of it and began pulling the whole tree toward the road. The bear finally pulled the tree across the road so the road behind us was blocked.

Suddenly I was startled to see a man with long black hair standing close to the bear. I became even more astounded when I realized the bear appeared to be injured. Slowly I realized that the bear had apparently become caught in a trap and that the black-haired man was obviously trying to kill the bear.

I jumped out of the car and ran toward the bear and the man. The big husky black-haired man (perhaps 50 years old) headed toward me. By the time he reached me, however, he no longer had black hair, but was bald. I began pleading with him to leave the bear alone. He said something about bears' being "free game" and abruptly pulled out a little black gun, only three or four centimeters long. I managed to grab the gun, cocked it and held its barrel against the man's head. At the same time he pulled out a second even-smaller silver gun and pointed it at me. I didn't think we would shoot each other, but there was a definite possibility as we stood there with our guns pointed at each other. When he pulled out two small pairs of handcuffs, we grabbed hold of each other and began struggling.

Meanwhile, other cars had pulled up in front of the car I had been in, headed toward us. When some people got out of their cars and began walking toward the other man and me, I hollered to them to help me because the man was trying to harm the bear.

A man and his son appeared willing to help me. I wasn't sure what would happened next.


The man, his son and I were in a police station. Apparently the police were enlisting our help to stop the grizzly bear killing. The police were pointing at spots on a map on the wall where other animals had been taken. I could hardly believe it when the police said that the animals were unprotected.

I overheard the son say, "Our little gift, for Waldo Lift, is all packed up."

From the son's words I concluded that the man and his son were Germans and were activists of some sort. I also surmised that Waldo Lift was a Nazi or someone similar to a Nazi, and that the man and his son were taking a stance against Waldo Lift. It appeared they were going to help capture Waldo Lift.

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