Dream of: 12 January 2010 "Broken Phone"

While Michelle  and I were at an outdoors social event where some other members of my family (including my sister) were present, a tall blond handsome fellow named Scott (with whom, although he was only about 25 years old, I had apparently once attended school ) stepped up close to us. Michelle immediately stepped over to him,  placed her hand on his chest as if she knew him, and began talking with him. I overheard her say that she spent all her time watching television with Steve. When he glanced at me, I immediately concluded that something was going on between him and Michelle.

Michelle stepped to the side and Scott shook hands with a couple other people. When I held out my hand for him to shake, he seemed reluctant.

After my attention flagged for I moment, I realized both Scott and Michelle had disappeared and I concluded they had absconded together. When I looked over at the nearby trees to see if I could see Michelle anywhere, my sister stepped up to me and said she knew why I was upset.

I reached into my pocket for my cell phone, only to discover that the front part of the cell phone had come off. I pulled out the cell phone (which was broken into several pieces), walked into a nearby church and laid the pieces of the cell phone on a window sill. As I tried to reassemble the phone, three fellows walked into the church and started fighting amongst themselves. When they finally saw me, one acted as if he wanted to fight with me and he attacked me. I struggled with him, managed to escape, and fled the church.

I was concerned about my broken phone because I thought Michelle might be trying to call me and would be unable to reach me. I thought I might be able to find another cell phone and put my sim chip from my phone into the other phone. Then I could try to call Michelle. It was difficult to say where she might be.

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