Dream of: 05 January 2010 "Rock-Clouds"

I was in a building which seemed to be in a park in the country. Many tourists were circulating through the building. On the walls were maps and I began looking at places I had been on the maps. A map of the United States showed Connecticut south of California, on the border of Mexico. I recalled having once taken a trip from San Francisco to Mexico, so I thought I must have passed through Connecticut on the way. I couldn't remember much of the trip, however, because I had been with some friends and we had all been intoxicated part of the time.

Some of the walls of the room were completely made of glass. As I looked through one glass wall, I noticed some extremely black clouds in the air. A small black boy walked up, stood beside me, and looked at the huge ominously black clouds with me. Somewhat worried by the clouds, I walked outside to see them better. Just as I stepped outside, a cloud passed over the building and scrapped the top. Someone suddenly came on a loudspeaker and announced that the clouds weren't clouds at all, but were actually some kind of rocks which were falling on the earth. Thinking I needed to get away, I began walking from the building. After I had walked perhaps 200 meters, one of the rock-clouds crashed into the top of the building, causing the building to catch fire and abruptly collapse. I reflected that hundreds of people had probably been in the building. I could see another gigantic building (which I identified as part of Baylor University) in the distance. A rock-cloud hit the building and I watched the building burn.

As several of the rock-clouds fell around me, I headed toward some mountains (which I thought I could reach for safety). I thought the odds were against my reaching the mountains, but I was going to try. When I spotted four jets taking off into the air, I thought they were going to try to somehow knock the rocks out of the sky.

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