Dream of: 02 January 2010 "Anxiety"

Early in the morning, I was riding in a car which my father was driving (he and I hadn't been getting along well). He stopped the car so we could go into a restaurant. We both got out of the car, walked into the restaurant, sat down on a long couch, and ordered something to eat. Two women were in the restaurant and one black-haired woman (probably in her early 20s) sat down on the couch beside me on my left - so close she was touching me. I immediately had the feeling she was a prostitute. She moved closer and closer until she finally kissed me. We hugged and kissed until she asked if I had $10. In reply, I asked her what I was going to get. She demurred and we continued with out hugging and kissing until she finally told me I could eat her out for $10.

I enjoyed her company but I told her I wasn't going to eat her out (I certainly didn't want to eat out a prostitute), and besides, Michelle was in the back of my mind. I told the woman I wanted her to perform oral sex on me, instead of my doing so on her. At first she acted as if she didn't want to, but then she agreed.

I prepared to pull out my penis. Wearing a pair of white under shorts, I tried to decide whether I should pull out my penis through the hole in the front of the shorts or over the top of the shorts. When I finally did pull out my penis, the woman immediately plopped it into her mouth and began performing fellatio on me. Michelle again came to mind as I wondered if I could contract a sexually transmitted disease simply by having my penis in the woman's mouth. I worried I could then transmit the disease to Michelle. I didn't think I could catch a disease and I figured I would simply wash off my penis immediately after the woman was finished. Nevertheless, I worried there was still a possibility I could catch a disease.

My anxiety increased. I had never had sex with another woman since I had been with Michelle, and I knew I would have to lie to Michelle. I didn't like lying to Michelle, but more importantly, I worried about giving Michelle some kind of disease.

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