Dream of: 09 December 2009 "Work Permit"

I was in the law office of my attorney friend from Dallas, Wheat. His secretary was helping me finish an application for a work permit in El Salvador. After she finished the permit, I walked into Wheat's office and handed it to him. Without saying anything, he put it in a vanilla envelope and sealed it. He was looking away from me the entire time. Finally I asked him how he had been - I knew I hadn't seen him in a long time - but he didn't seem to want to talk. When he was finished, I asked him if he even knew what he had put in the envelope. From the blank stare on his face, I could tell he had no idea. Thinking he would be impressed that I was planning on working in another country, I told him the document had been an application for a work permit in El Salvador. He seemed unimpressed and he gave me the impression that he simply wanted to get back to his work. Somewhat deflated, I turned to leave.

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