Dream of: 07 December 2009 "Incompetent"

As my father and I walked through a hardware store, I recalled I needed a 3/8" drill bit. I told my father what I needed and he looked with me until we found some black bits, which he said were good ones. I picked up one which was obviously too big, then saw more in another rack and picked up one which was 3/8." My father asked me why I needed the bit and I told him I needed to repair a piece of aluminum-colored metal which I had attached to the bottom of a door. He knew what I was talking about because the door was in his office and I had been working for him when I had repaired the door. He started severely criticizing the work I had done on the door and said that the piece of metal had been too big and that I should have placed a much smaller piece on the door. He characterized my work as "incompetent."

I was enraged. I threw down the bit, realizing that I didn't need it anyway, that I could just use a small nail to repair the piece of metal. I told my father I would soon be finished with the work which I was doing for him and then I would be completely done working for him.

We walked out of the store and boarded a small white car. I  climbed into the back seat while my father climbed in behind the steering wheel and began driving. He soon scooted over into the passenger seat, however, and began working on the passenger window, which was loose. When I saw he was having difficulty trying to drive at the same time he was working on the window, I reached over the back seat and took hold of the steering wheel. We were on a little two-lane country road and suddenly I saw a car coming straight toward me in my lane. I could see the driver: a light-skinned black man (around 40 years old) who seemed oblivious of what he was doing. I thought I could swerve over into the left lane but I knew that would be dangerous because he might do the same thing. So instead, I swerved off the road to the right. After the other car passed us, I started swerving back onto the road. I had to hurry because just ahead I could see a deep ravine along the road and I knew we would crash into the ravine if I didn't make it back onto the road. I safely made it back onto the road.

I watched the other car continue down the road still in the wrong lane until it finally turned off into another road.

My father seemed unconcerned about the entire incident. I blathered on about how we had almost been killed. I told him he needed to scoot back over into the driving seat because I couldn't reach the brakes, but he remained where he was. I again told him to move because I could see a stop sign up ahead, but he still didn't budge. We passed the stop sign which I then realized was for a side road and not for me, but then we started heading down a hill with a stop sign at the bottom. I could see traffic on the intersecting road at the bottom and I knew we desperately needed to put on the brakes or I would run through the stop sign and possibly hit another car. I pleaded with my father to please move over into the driving seat so he could put on the brakes. Finally he saw the danger and started scooting back into the driver's seat.

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