Dream of: 19 November 2009 "Sexually Transmitted Disease"

I was with a couple thin young women (both about 20 years old). Since I figured they could use some money, I proposed to the shorter one that she go to bed with me. She and I immediately walked into the bedroom and she took off all her clothes. Suddenly I began to wonder if she had any kind of disease. When I asked her, she seemed to indicate she did have some kind of disease and she showed me a pimple on her back on the top of her shoulder. She thought the pimple was the result of a sexually transmitted disease.

She wasn't really my type any way and I didn't find her particularly attractive. I thought about it more and decided I wasn't going to have sex with her. She put her clothes back on. As she and I were about to walk back out of the bedroom, I realized the second woman had also entered the room and she had also taken off her clothes. The second woman was very pretty. Her name was "Lisa." She was also about to walk out of the room, when I said, "Stop. Lisa."

She stopped, turned around, walked over to the bed and sat down. She had fine breasts and was quite appealing. I asked her what she would charge. She was coy, and the more I looked at her, the more I liked her, even though I was concerned she might also have a disease. She indicated she didn't have a disease, but she seemed to hesitate, as if she might also have a pimple. I wasn't, however, as concerned with her, because I didn't think I would touch the pimple. As I looked her over, however, I thought I saw a slight skin rash.

I thought she might charge around $50. She seemed to be trying to calculate what she would charge me and I thought she might go as high as $100. I thought I would probably pay $100. After all, she was very attractive.

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