Dream of: 03 November 2009 "Up All Night"

Michelle (who only looked about 17-18 years old) was staying every night in a small house on the corner of Harmon and Eighth Streets in Portsmouth. Since I regularly visited her there, I went to see her there one morning around 8 a.m. and was surprised to find her awake so early. Wearing a red shirt and looking very pretty, she was outside in the yard playing with a couple other fellows, almost like little children. I was suspicious that she had been out all night and that she had just then returned home. Almost as if in a vision, for a moment I thought I saw her performing fellatio on one of the fellows (who was black). Then the vision passed.

 Since I knew Michelle was living in the house with a thin older woman, I walked into the house to talk to the woman. When I found the woman, I asked her what time Michelle had returned home. I could tell by the way the woman was avoiding the question that Michelle had been out all night. I had been suspicious that Michelle had regularly been staying out all night somewhere, and concluding that she had indeed been out all night the previous night, I walked back outside and boarded my car with the intention of driving off. I wanted Michelle to see me before I left because I wanted to call her a name, such as "slut," or give her the finger. I was extremely angry.

The car I was in at first seemed like a little child's play car, and then it seemed as if I were simply riding a bicycle. Michelle saw me and ran after me as if she were trying to follow me. I looked at her and bellicosely snorted, "What in the hell do you want?"

She quietly replied, "It doesn't matter anyway."

I snapped back, "Well then stay the fuck away from fuck."

I knew Michelle didn't want to lose me because I had money and I supported her. It seemed to me, however, that she simply wanted to go out and do drugs all night with other people, then hook up with me in the mornings.

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