Dream of: 29 October 2009 "On Vacation"

I was riding in the front passenger seat of a car which my father was driving. He was only about 40 years old and still had black hair. I was feeling very antagonistic toward him, and even while he was driving, it seemed as if I were sitting right in front of him, staring him in the face. I said, "I don't love you," then added, "I don't like you," and finally blurted, "I hate you!"

He seemed unmoved by what I was saying, as if whatever I said didn't matter. We continued riding around until he asked me about my finances. I had forgotten that he had been giving me about $100 a week; I figured he would now cut off that supply of money. I reflected that the money was helpful, but I really didn't need it because I had enough money of my own to live on.

He started talking about what he was going to do with his property when he died. I didn't think there was any hope that I would receive anything. He told me he had already decided to give all his property away to people "who went on vacations." He mentioned "55%," but I wasn't sure what that meant.

He finally pulled into the Kroger's parking lot on Eighth and Gay Streets in Portsmouth. He was still talking about his property when we both stepped out of the car right next to the Kroger gas station. A big crane was sitting on the gas station lot, and it appeared as if someone was using the crane to put gas in the person's car. Suddenly the crane shifted, hit my father in the head, and knocked him to the ground flat on his face. I thought he might be dead. When I walked over to him, I saw a piece of paper lying next to him and I picked it up. I thought the paper contained information about his scheme to give away all his property. I thought I would keep the paper, reasoning that he might not yet have put his plan to give away his property into effect.

I screamed at the fellow operating the crane and pointed out what he had done. A couple other men were standing nearby. One was a black man about 40 years old. I thought I needed to find out who they were because they had witnessed what had happened. I figured there was some liability involved. I knew someone needed to call 911 and I reached in my pocket for my cell phone. I didn't know what else I could do for him. I was more concerned, however, in obtaining the information from the two witnesses than in helping my father.

Finally, however, my father simply stood back up. He seemed dazed, but uninjured. It looked as if he would be alright after all.

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