Dream of: 27 October 2009 "Stark Contrast"

I had started attending a school in England. Wearing a light-gray, pin-stripped suit, I was standing in a dormitory-style room with 30-40 other students (all probably in their late teens and early 20s). All beds in the room appeared to be double-beds, and 5-6 people were sitting on each bed. Everyone appeared to be studying. I didn't even see a space where I could sit until I finally found a table and an empty chair, and I sat down. Other people were also sitting at the table, studying and writing, but I didn't know what to study. I thought I would write something, even though I didn't know what to write.

When I asked one friendly-appearing fellow if we had any assignments, he said we only had one assignment in math for the next day. He mentioned that his math book was by the bath tub and that I could fetch it if I wanted. I saw the bathtub and walked toward it. Upon finding a thick math book (perhaps four centimeters thick) which covered the subjects of algebra and calculus, I carried it back to the fellow. I was relieved that the subject matter was algebra and calculus because I had feared the subject might have been a more difficult area of math. I thought I would at least be able to handle algebra and calculus. I sat back down and began looking through the book.

When I noticed a woman standing at a podium in the corner of the room, I walked over to her and asked her some questions about the school. Since I thought perhaps the school had a curfew, I first asked if the students had to be in the dormitory at a certain time at night. The woman looked puzzled that I should even ask such a question. She said that there was no curfew, but that she would call a student if he were out too late. Apparently all the students had cell phones.

As I talked with the woman, I noticed a man standing behind her. He was a midget, only about a meter tall, dressed in a dark-yellow suit. Something the woman said made me smile, and when I looked at the midget, I thought he might have thought I had been smiling derisively at him and I quickly wiped the smile from my face.

I left the woman and walked through another room where perhaps 50-60 young students were watching television. Returning to my original room, I began thinking the school might have a dress code. A couple fellows were wearing blue jeans, but most everyone was dressed in suits. I knew I had packed several pairs of blue jeans to bring with me. I had also brought some suits, but reflected that I would be able to wear the blue jeans if I wanted.

I thought about Michelle. I figured I would write to her and describe the school to her. Most students in the school seemed quite proper, in stark contrast to the wild crowd with which Michelle associated. Michelle would have difficulty fitting in with this genteel class of people.

I also thought about my old friend Weinstein (from high school and college) and I recalled that he had once attended school in England. Then I thought about how old I was and I realized I was already in my 40s. Relating to these young kids would be difficult. What would they think of such an old man being in their midst? Abruptly, however, I realized I wasn't even in my 40s -- I had already slipped into my 50s, my late 50s. Now I was planning to spend six months in this school. Attending school at such an old age definitely seemed odd. Nevertheless, there I was.

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