Dream of: 21 October 2009 "Bat Cave"

When my ex-wife Carolina (about 30 years old) pulled up in a little white car, I climbed into the driver's seat and started driving, with Carolina in the front passenger seat. At first we planned to take a highway through a large city, but instead I veered off onto a little side road which led out into the country. I was driving poorly. Along the left side of the road was a tall black metal fence to protect against a steep cliff. I managed to scrape the car against the fence, then commented that if one of the bolts in the fence had been loose, we would have crashed over the edge.

I continued my sloppy driving until we arrived at some kind of park. Signs indicated a tourist attraction involving a cave for "bats." After I pulled into the park and stopped the car, we both stepped out and immediately walked to the attraction: a white cave. Into the tall door of the cave (7-8 meters high) were flying large bats. Carolina and I stepped inside. Although the ceiling was high, the irregularly shaped room was probably less than 10 square meters. Small black bats and a few extra-large butterflies were hanging on the back wall. 

As Carolina and I surveyed the cave, a tall blond man (probably in his late 20s) stepped up to me and began amiably talking in German, and I replied in German. After we had conversed a few minutes, he put on a uniform, and I realized he was a park-guard. I continued talking with him until Carolina and I were finally ready to leave. Feeling as if the man and I had somewhat become friends, I told him I would give him my phone number, but he replied that he didn't want it. I quickly realized I had probably been too forward by offering my phone number like that.

Meanwhile a couple other guards had appeared in the room. As I began arranging the backpack which I was also carrying with me, my .38 caliber revolver tumbled out of the backpack and onto the floor. Although I quickly scooped the gun back up, I just knew that all the guards had seen the gun and that I was now in trouble. I realized we were probably on some kind of government property and I was probably going to be arrested for a federal offense. Carolina and I walked out and the guards followed us. Nevertheless, I managed to slip back into the cave by myself and while no one could see me, I quickly dug a shallow hole in the dirt floor, laid my gun in the hole, and covered it back up.

When I again walked out of the room and rejoined Carolina, five or six unspeaking guards surrounded us. Referring to Carolina, I hollered out, "She's pregnant!"

Since I knew Carolina actually was pregnant, I was concerned about her safety and I didn't want the guards to bother her. The guards now seemed confused, as if they didn't know what to do, and I wasn't sure the guards were going to do anything to Carolina. As Carolina and I started walking toward the car, the guards walked along with us. When we reached the car, the guards (who were all young and obviously didn't know how to handle the situation) let me know that I was under arrest. The guards weren't truly professional police officers, they simply worked for the park service, but they obviously felt a duty to deal with the situation. They immediately searched my car, but they didn't find anything.

Abruptly I realized I didn't have my wallet in my back pocket, and I became worried I might have also left it back in the cave. I also worried that if the guards went back to the cave and found the gun, they would discover my fingerprints on it.

The guards led Carolina and me over to another building and took us into a room. When the guards left Carolina and me alone in the room, I noticed a series of panel doors simply standing in front of a wide-open back door. As Carolina and I walked out the back door, I began thinking she and I might be able to escape. The area outside was pitch-black. I could heart street-traffic in the distance, but I didn't know exactly where I was. Carolina and I stood in the darkness while I contemplated whether I should try to escape.  

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