Dream of: 20 October 2009 "Playboy Bunny"

I had gone to visit my father (living in a town 50-60 kilometers from Portsmouth) and I found him residing in the rear of a nightclub. Probably in his 40s, he was quite cordial, and when his girlfriend walked in, he clearly intimated that I could have sex with her. Tall and absolutely beautiful, she was a Playboy bunny (probably in her early 20s). After my father exited the room, the woman and I sat down on the bed and engaged in foreplay. Upon her obligingly removing all her clothes and lying back upon the bed, I began having sex with her. I had a weak erection.

While we were having sex, my father walked back into the room. At first I thought that he might be angry with me, that I might have misinterpreted what he had told me, and that he hadn't meant for me to actually have sex with the woman. But he wasn't angry at all.

A couple other fellows had also walked into the room with my father. One was a fellow (about 20 years old) whom I seemed to know. As the fellow watched, I continued having sex with the woman, and at the same time, I started thinking about another Playboy bunny named "Candice Bergman" who was from the Portsmouth area. Since I knew Candice was competing for Playmate of the year, I asked the woman in bed with me if she knew Candice. She said yea, and she made an ever-so-slight grimace as if she didn't care for Candice. I wondered if the woman was also running for Playmate of the year.

My father quipped that he also knew Candice. It wasn't clear, but I had the impression that he had once tried to hook up with Candice. At any rate, he definitely knew her. I mentioned that I knew some people in Portsmouth who knew Candice. I was specifically thinking about Michelle, since I knew Michelle was acquainted with Candice.

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