Dream of: 16 October 2009 "Banks Of The Ohio"

I was standing on the banks of the Ohio River with a man who was my father (not my actual father) and who looked like president Barack Obama. A boy who was my brother (about 10 years old) was also with us. We were looking over a long strip of land which my father owned along the river.

I was wearing a dark gray suit. About 10 centimeters above my right knee was a tiny hole in the pants leg.

As we walked along, we realized how beautiful the land was and I thought it could possibly be developed. Some other people were also walking in the area, and I felt important because I was with my father and he was prosperous and owned the land. The closer we walked to the water, the more sparse the vegetation became. Soon I could hear people swimming on the other side of the river near the Kentucky shore. I couldn't see them however because it was rather dark.

Finally, however, I heard something, saw someone in the river close to us and realized the river was very shallow in that area because of a sand bank. My father and my brother proceeded to jump into the water and started walking on the sandbank. I thought about also jumping in, but I didn't because I was wearing my suit.

I heard something else and saw three cars coming in the water down the river. The cars were completely submerged, but the heads of the three drivers were sticking up above the water. The cars pulled out of the water onto the bank about 50 meters from me. I walked over to one of the drivers and asked him how he had been able to drive the car under the water without drowning the engine. He asked me if I remembered that one of the valves could be left open, thereby allowing the car to be driven under water. I replied, "I must have missed that."

I inferred that he had studied such matters at school, but I knew I had never studied that. I still had difficulty believing they had been able to drive the cars under water like that. 

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