Dream of: 06 October 2009 "Dix"

I was talking to a couple fellows (probably in their early 20s and dressed in gray suits) about the stock market. Apparently they were studying the stock market, intending to become professionals. As I continued talking with them, I soon began elaborating a theory which I had developed about buying stock. Basically my theory involved finding the trend lines of two different stocks. I would put half my money in a stock which had an upward trend line, and the other half of my money in a stock which had a steady unmoving trend line. As I elaborated more on the theory, the two fellows seemed interested in what I had to say.

We were sitting in a big bed. A couple other fellows were also sitting in the bed and listening to the conversation.

I mentioned that one person should be in charge of the terminology. For example, I mentioned the word "dix," which I had repeatedly heard mentioned on television in relation to the stock market. When I said the word, both fellows fell over laughing on they backs. They said they didn't know what that word meant either, but they thought it was very comical.

I asked them about another word, which they likewise didn't know. I next thought about the futures market because I waned to know how to trade futures. When I mentioned the futures market, they again looked puzzled, as if they didn't know that either.  Obviously none of us knew much about the stock market.

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