Dream of: 05 October 2009 "Installing Insulation"

I was in Portsmouth at a house were some insulation was being unloaded by a thin fellow named Williams (about 60 years old) from Kentucky. Perhaps a dozen men were working for him. Although Williams was in good health, he appeared to be intoxicated and he was getting in the way of the other workers.

A fellow who seemed to be a trouble-maker showed up. He said something about my being belligerent. I didn't want to fool with the fellow.

I stuck my hand in a bag of the insulation and I commented that it felt "fine," but then noticed the bag also contained some coarse insulation. I mentioned to Williams that my father used to own an insulation factory in Portsmouth. When Williams asked me my name, I responded, "Collier." I thought he might connect my name to my father's, but he didn't seem to make the connection. He didn't say anything else.

Bacheller (a friend of my ex-mother-in-law, Paz) was among the workers. Bacheller asked me if I had some money. It appeared that he wanted me to pay for the insulation. I replied loudly so the others could hear me, "Well, how much money do you need?" I intended to tell him I didn't have the money if he was going to say he needed it all.

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