Dream of: 04 October 2009 (2) "Chocolate Doughnuts"

My sister was having a party for one of her sons. The party was being held on the back porch and in the back yard of a house which resembled the Gay Street House. I was standing just inside the door to the back porch, but something was blocking my way so I couldn't go outside. The party was winding down and some people had already left.

I had brought a box of doughnuts which was sitting on a table in the back yard. Only about four doughnuts were left. All were round with a hole in the middle, but two had been dipped in chocolate. I wanted one of the chocolate doughnuts, but I couldn't get out of the back door. I watched as one boy (about 10 years old) walked up and took one of the non-chocolate doughnuts. As another tough-looking boy (about the same age as the first boy) walked toward the doughnuts, I hollered to him and asked him if he would bring the doughnuts to me. I also mentioned that I had brought the doughnuts to the party.

Instead of fetching the doughnuts to me, the tough-looking lad snatched up both chocolate-covered doughnuts and began eating them himself. I immediately became angry and hollered out something to the boy. The boy's mother heard me, walked up to me and insultingly handed me some money for the doughnuts.

I hoped my sister hadn't witnessed the episode. I didn't want to ruin her party. I took the money and stuck it in my pocket. I figured I didn't know those people and I would never see them again anyway, so it didn't make any difference if I kept the money.

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