Dream of: 04 October 2009 "Papaya"

My mother, my sister and I were sitting at a table (my sister was next to me and my mother across the table facing me). My sister (only 16-17 years old) was preparing to take a short trip and was making a list of four things which she needed to take with her on the trip. I learned she had already swallowed one of the things, which had become lodged in her throat.

I looked up and saw sitting (on a tall pole in front of me) a beautiful bird with feathers of many different colors -- bright red, blue, green, and more. At first I thought the bird might be a parrot, but it wasn't. I asked my mother to hand me my camera, but by the time she handed it to me, the bird was no longer on the pole and for some reason, I thought my sister had swallowed the bird.

 I told my sister to open her mouth so I could look down into her throat. When she opened her mouth wide, I reached my hand down into her throat, thinking I would pull out the bird. Instead, I pulled out a large dark-green papaya. It was so large, I didn't know how the papaya could have possibly become lodged in her throat. I also pulled out something else lodged in her throat.

I held the huge papaya in my hand, scrutinized it, then held it up to my mouth, proving there was no way the papaya would fit into my mouth. I couldn't figure out how my sister had managed to put the papaya in her mouth.

My sister didn't seem concerned about the papaya. She was much more concentrated on her list of things to take on the trip. She now seemed worried she might not be able to take everything on her list.

I continued looking at the papaya, still amazed that my sister had been able to swallow something so large.

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