Dream of: 30 September 2009 "The Silver Thimble"

 I had gone to visit Eddie Estepp (a former renter of one of my houses in Portsmouth, Ohio, probably in his mid-30s, a man of egregiously unsavory character). Although Estepp was now Michelle's boyfriend, I knew Michelle wouldn't be with Estepp at present because Michelle was in jail (where she had resided for quite some time). Normally Estepp and I didn't get along, but I now needed him to do something for me. To assist my suit with Estepp, I had come to see him under the pretext of providing him information about a television which he wanted to obtain from someone. As we quasi-amiably conversed, I pondered my need for his assistance: I had recently seen a marijuana plant growing in a little garden in someone's back yard, and I wanted to steal the plant, but I was unwilling to steal the plant myself; therefore, I intended to try to convince Estepp to steal the plant for me.

The setting was a large room. I particularly noticed the size because the room was much larger than the small room Estepp formerly inhabited. Obviously he had risen in the world. Estepp sat on his bed while I stood and conversed with him at length; never, however, did we reach the subject of either the marijuana or the television. I finally sat down and as we simply talked, I noticed that even though we had become cordial, Estepp never mentioned Michelle. I likewise didn't bring up Michelle's name.

I finally stood, walked out, and as I descended the stairs, I realized the building was actually a large hotel. When I reached the bottom floor, I discerned an elegant dining room (as if from a former opulent era) off to the side. Several people, ostensibly preparing to serve a meal, were walking around the dining room. 

I continued my trek, walked outside the building, and found myself on the street of a fashionable district of a city, where automobile-traffic had been blocked off and pedestrians crowded the pleasant shop-lined street. I became intrigued by the vast variety of people in the street, and as I scrutinized their faces, one man bumped into me. After we had both continued on a few steps, I stopped, turned and looked at the man. At the same time, I noticed something odd: hanging from my left side was a lemon-colored tennis ball (but somewhat smaller than a regular tennis ball). Apparently the ball had originated with the man who had bumped into me. The cloth-like surface of the ball seemed to have attached to something on me which resembled Velcro. When I pulled the ball off me and threw it to the man, he immediately responded, "Why'd you do that?" Apparently I had unintentionally offended him.

As soon as I turned and again continued my trek, another fellow walked up to me and said something was hanging from my clothes. I concluded something else had attached itself to me when the first fellow had bumped into me. Looking, I discovered a silver thimble hanging on a string from me. The fellow who had pointed out the thimble to me acted as if he wanted me to give the thimble to him. But I didn't want to give him the thimble. Instead, I began trying out the thimble on one finger after another, thinking perhaps a thimble signified something when worn by a man, even though I couldn't figure out what that "something" might be.

When I again continued my trek and the fellow began walking along with me, I began trying to figure out where I was going. In the distance I could see the skyscrapers of a city which looked like Dallas. Unaccustomed to this place, I tried to figure out which direction I should take.

As I continued to walk, I entered into a less friendly area of town where few people were on the street. Since I didn't know the fellow walking with me, I didn't want to continue walking with him in an unpopulated area.

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