Dream of: 29 September 2009 "New Web Site"

 As my father was driving a car in which I was sitting in the front seat, through the African-American section of Portsmouth, I was thinking about a web site which I owned and I was contemplating spending extra time on setting up an additional web site aimed at African-Americans. I thought the new web site might even entail interacting with, and perhaps even living with, African-Americans. I knew the new project would take some time, and I hadn't started yet.

I was amazed by the extensive size of the African-American section, which sat in a valley surrounded by substantial hills. Portsmouth was also surrounded by hills and had little room to grow. I mused that Portsmouth might grow if the Caucasians were to obtain land in the African-American section of town. Many buildings were empty in the black section. We rode past several buildings, including the old "Supper Club" (a low-rent bar in the black section of town which I occasionally frequented as a teenager), which was now abandoned. I glimpsed a large sign in front of the building. The sign appeared to be one of a local realtor, Hatcher.

As we passed several more empty buildings, I reflected that I used to know some black people who used to know some black people who used to live in one of the buildings which was constructed of appealing large rock. The building was particularly attractive.

I thought again about my new web site, which should facilitate my interacting with other people.

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