Dream of: 23 September 2009 "Unsolved Mystery"

When I looked out the window of the building I was in, I realized I was on an extremely high floor, probably around the 40th, and I made a comment about the extreme height to some other people who were in the same room. As I looked out the window, I saw a young man (probably in his early 20s) jump out a window from another room to the left of mine. When I said something about someone having jumped, the others in my room began looking out the window. Astonished, I watched a second man jump out the window, then another and another, until altogether nine men had jumped out the window.

Dumbfounded, I walked out of the room, descended to the bottom floor, and walked outside.  I looked around outside, expecting to find the bodies of the men on the ground. When I encountered a crowd of people (I appeared to be on a college campus) but no bodies, I decided to walk all the way around the building.

First, however, I wanted to call my ex-wife Carolina, with whom I hadn't spoken in almost a week. I knew she had acquired a new phone. I dialed her number and she answered. I quickly mentioned that I hadn't talked to her in almost a week. I wanted to see how she was. I surmised that she was gallivanting about with another person, but since I knew she couldn't drink alcohol because she was pregnant, I wasn't too worried about what she was doing. I simply wanted to learn what was going on with her. After talking with her for a few minutes, I hung up.

I must have sat down while talking with Carolina because I stood back up and again began walking around the building. Ever since I had walked out of the building I had been carrying three thick books, two of which were law books. I had borrowed the books from someplace in the building. I fretted someone might question me about my leaving with the books, even though I knew I legitimately had the books. When no one said anything to me, I continued on my trek around the building.

Several college-aged girls were in the vicinity. One blonde in particular caught my attention, but I wasn't particularly interested in the women, so I continued walking. To my left (on the top of some rock steps leading into another building) lay a pile of old dirty clothes. I stepped up to the pile and began examining the clothes. They seemed stiff and caked together. I picked up the piece of clothing lying on the top of the pile: a black hoodie. Since it appeared someone had simply thrown the clothes away, and since I liked the black hoodie, I decided to keep it. I rolled up the hoodie and carried it along with my books. Disgustingly, however, the hoodie stank of ancient sweat. For some reason, I thought the hoodie might have belonged to a rock star who had discarded it there, so even though the hoodie stank, I decided to keep it anyway.

I continued my search until I had almost circumnavigated the entire building and still no bodies were to be found. I wondered if the jumping men had somehow hit an awning on the way down and blocked their fall. I was still pondering how bizarre seeing so many men jump out the window had seemed. Now, to compound the mystery, I couldn't find the bodies.

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