Dream of: 20 September 2009 "Holding A Clarinet"

I was unhappy because Michelle's friend Alan (a tall military type, in his late 20s, wearing a light-blue jumper suit) was in the 17th Street House. I didn't even know why he was there. When I walked into the room where he was and told him to leave, he proceeded to walk out the back kitchen door.

I walked back into the living room where Michelle was sitting on the couch. She informed me that she wanted to watch a television-showing of a high school graduation in which a male friend of hers was going to be graduating. I wasn't interested in watching it. I had been in the process of watching the fluctuating prices of stocks on a financial channel where I was also able to see my stock account, which appeared to be faring well for the day. It looked as if I had made $276, although I wasn't completely certain of the numbers. I also noticed something on the screen about a distribution of stock in the year 2004. Since I thought I was in the 1990s, 2004 was several years in the future. The show was scheduled to end in three minutes and Michelle wanted me to change the channel as soon as my show ended.

When I looked back at Michelle again, she was lying on her back on the couch. Lying on top of her -- the length of her chest and stomach -- was a musical instrument which I at first thought was a flute, but quickly realized was actually a clarinet. I didn't think the clarinet was functional, but I thought at least perhaps Michelle had been fingering the keys to learn something about finger position.

I looked back at the television. It was just about time for Michelle's show to start. When I looked back at Michelle, she was now lying on the couch with her face down, as if she were ready to go to sleep. When she sat back up, I told her I was going to tell Alan that he could come back into the House. She said ok.

I walked over to the front door and looked outside. Instead of Alan, seven or eight black men (all probably in their 20s) were standing near the metal wire fence which separated my House from the house next door. When I saw that the black men were causing a commotion, I recalled that earlier in the day I had heard loud sounds emanating from the back yard. I couldn't make out what the black men were doing but as soon as they saw me, they began dispersing. One had a dog which pulled away on a leash.

When I looked into the neighbor's yard, I saw Kirsten (Michelle's brown and black pit-bull) lying on her stomach. Suddenly realizing the black men had been training the dogs to fight each other, I hollered out to them, "Don't come back!"

Kirsten was now on a leash held by one black man (who seemed non-threatening) standing on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor's house. After the black man unfastened the leash, Kirsten frenetically bounced around the neighbor's yard until the black man finally walked off.

I walked over to the sidewalk in front of the neighbor's house and lay down on my back. Kirsten did not appear to recognize me and at first she didn't seem to want to come to me. When she finally walked up to me, I lay my hand down and she smelled it. She immediately jumped up into the air and landed on the other side of me. She finally sat right next to me as if she wanted to be with me.

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