Dream of: 14 September 2009 (2) "Carrying My Flute"

Michelle carried my flute as she and I strolled through a park together. With Michelle was a small child which apparently belonged to Michelle and me. We split up -- she intended to meet me up ahead where many people were eating and sitting at perhaps 100 tables at an outdoor restaurant.

As soon as Michelle and the child walked off, I encountered Buckner (a close friend from my late teenage years). He and a slender blonde (probably in her mid 40s) were walking with their arms around each other. They stopped and Buckner introduced the woman to me and commented that she was an attorney. I was unsure if the woman was Buckner's wife. When she smiled, I noticed an imperfection in her top middle tooth. She was somewhat attractive, but too old for my tastes. She hardly attracted me at all. I asked Buckner to walk to the tables of the restaurant with me. I wanted to introduce him to Michelle. Proud of Michelle's young and pretty radiance, I thought her beauty would amaze Buckner.

The three of us reached the tables and walked through them. A tree-bound hill rose on one side of the table-area. I walked back and forth through the tables, but I couldn't find Michelle anywhere. Finally I spotted her standing up in a section of tables which I had not yet searched. As she walked toward me and I toward her, she looked so beautiful. I prepared to introduce my belle to Buckner.

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