Dream of: 13 September 2009 (2) "In The Shadows"

I was lying on a bed while Michelle lay naked asleep on top of me. Taking advantage of her lassitude, I began feeling her butt with my left hand, and with my middle finger I searched for her rectum until I found it. I eased my finger about a centimeter into her rectum, even though I knew she didn't like my doing that. I was careful not to awaken her. Since my left hand felt cramped, I thought I would manage better if I used my right hand instead. I eased my finger back out, then began groping with the middle finger of my right hand. Abruptly, however, I couldn't feel Michelle on top of me anymore. All I could feel were the covers over me. I raised up and looked around, but didn't see Michelle anywhere. Disappointed, I realized I had simply imagined the entire episode.

Looking around the room (which appeared to be a motel room) I spotted three cats and three small dogs (which all belonged to Michelle). She had left them with me, even though I didn't want to keep them. I planned to tell her (the next time I saw her) to get rid of the animals, which were such a nuisance. It was morning and now I would have to let all the animals out so they could relieve themselves. I didn't even know if I were allowed to harbor animals in the motel room.

I stood up and walked outside, which reminded me of the backyard of the 17th Street House. I was taken aback when my first wife, Louise, stepped up. She didn't look like herself. She was slender and taller than usual (probably in her mid 20s). She moved toward me.

Even though I knew Michelle was inside the House (no longer a motel), I kissed Louise, hoping that Michelle wouldn't see me, but anticipating that she might. At the same time, I began thinking I might be able to stick my finger in Louise's butt, and as I kissed Louise, I moved my hand around to Louise's derriere, even though I knew Louise didn't like that. Before I was able to maneuver my hands and fingers into position, however, we stopped kissing. I glanced up toward the window on the kitchen door, spotted someone inside, and knew the person was Michelle. 

Michelle stepped onto the back porch with a knowing look on her face as if she had seen me. I had stepped back from Louise and was no longer holding her. When Michelle slipped back into the kitchen, I climbed back up onto the back porch and also stepped into the kitchen. Michelle was standing off to the side of the kitchen. Although she couldn't see me, I could see her. Obviously angry, she appeared as if she would leave me. I thought I would try to placate her -- if I could.

Yet another woman (probably in her mid 20s) with long black hair showed up. I knew her, although not well. I thought I might have had sex with her and I knew I could have sex with her right there on the spot. Her son (7-8 years old) accompanied her. When she stepped up to me, even as her son watched, I pulled up her skirt and started to stick my finger in her vagina. Finally I pulled out a little wooden stick, brown like a cigar, and pushed it into her vagina. When I then told the son he could shove the stick into her vagina with his finger, he followed directions and pushed in the stick. In the process, part of his finger also slipped into his mother's vagina. I tried to stay out of the shadowy area where Michelle was so she couldn't see me.

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