Dream of: 13 September 2009 "Unclean"

I was lying naked in a bed in which a thin black-haired man (probably in his early 20s) and a pretty blonde woman (about 20 years old) were also lying naked. Both the other man and I had each already had sex with the woman, and we were permitted to have sex with her as much as we wanted. The other fellow was already ready to start copulating again. When I indicated he seemed to be rushing, he retorted that he had to get it while he could. But when he started trying to have sex again with the woman, he seemed to be experiencing difficulty achieving erection. He hadn't waited long enough since first having sex. As he continued trying to have sex with the woman, I scooted over closer to her. I quipped that we would "both do her at the same time." I wasn't sure, but I thought the woman would probably allow us to do that.

My penis was still partially wet from climaxing during my first encounter with the woman. Some sperm, however, was already dry and caked on the bottom of my penis. When I tried to insert my penis into the woman's mouth, she stared at it with disgust. Given the uncleanliness of my penis, the woman refused to take it into her mouth. I decided I should go and wash off my penis.

I climbed out of the bed, walked out into the hall and entered the bathroom (which exactly resembled the bathroom of the Summerdale Drive House). I immediately began washing my hands in the sink, and at the same time, I raised my penis into the sink and began urinating. I thought the urine would immediately vanish down the drain, but a stopper in the drain prevented the flow of the urine, and it began backing up. Suddenly I thought I heard someone. Since I didn't want anyone to see me urinating in the sink, I stopped urinating and stepped back from the sink. I looked out into the hall, but I didn't see anyone. I thought perhaps the sound had originated from the rear part of the bathroom, where the commode was. I turned around and looked into the rear of the bathroom, but no one was there either. Since I didn't see anyone anywhere, I prepared to start urinating in the sink again.

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