Dream of: 08 September 2009 "Stealing Art"

I was talking with my grandmother Mabel (sprite at about 65 years of age) about what had become of several old houses which she had owned in Portsmouth. When I asked her how many she owned, she counted and responded, "Seven or eight." I thought that all the houses were empty and that we could visit them to see what kind of shape they were in. 

My grandmother and I reached one of the houses and walked inside. It wasn't empty. All kinds of people were living in the house, which proved to be gigantic. My grandmother walked around on the second floor, through room after room populated with people. It looked as if perhaps 100 people were living on the second floor of the house. I was amazed that the house was so large and that so many people were living in it, especially since I figured Mabel was only receiving $300-$400 a month out of the house.

Several people were lying on old mattresses, others were lying on couches, some on the floor, covered from head to toe in old blankets, even though it was already late in the afternoon. Disparagingly I thought to myself that this was the way lower class people lived. They slept all the time and didn't get up all day. Children ran loose from room to room. I spoke to one man in the house (around 40 years old) and asked him how they paid the rent. He said they received money from the IRS. Deprecatingly I thought subsidizing these people's housing was a wasteful way for the government to spend its money. The children, however, appeared healthy and I thought maybe some good actually came of the government's assistance after all.

Separating from my grandmother, I walked into a room with a stairway leading upwards. A man who seemed a bit more aristocratic than the others followed me up the stairs. At the top we reached a room which seemed to have a domed ceiling. This room apparently belonged to the man who had followed me. After glancing around, I saw a second set of stairs which led downwards.

I began walking down the stairs, at the bottom of which I found an entirely distinct section of the house which I didn't think belonged to my grandmother. This section appeared to be inhabited by an aristocratic family. The rooms were empty except for a few pieces of furniture. An enormous beautiful couch made of reddish-brown wood (I distinctly thought "rosewood") sat in one room. This gorgeous couch was intricately carved. Sitting on the floor against one wall were some exquisite carvings which almost looked like framed paintings.

The works of art were so beautiful, I wondered if I could somehow find a way to enter these rooms and steal some of the things which I was seeing. I didn't think I could do so without risk, but I thought such thievery was possible.

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