Dream of: 06 September 2009 "Dark Bag"

I was in a gigantic old house suffering ruinous deterioration which my father had bought. My father, my father's attorney (Smith), as well as a boy were also in the room with me. I told the others to wait a moment, that I wanted to check on something, and I walked into an adjoining room. I opened a closet in the room, climbed up on something, reached down between the walls of the closet, and pulled out a dark cloth bag.

I could feel a lump in the bag, so I knew something was inside. I reached my hand into the bag, pulled out a handful of money, then carried the bag back into the room where the others were, where I set the bag on a table and began pulling out money. As I counted out the money in front of the others, the boy was especially amazed, while Smith merely seemed interested. I said I hadn't reached the "wad" yet, which I could feel in the bag.

The money cosisted mostly of $20 bills emblazoned with president Andrew Jackson's portrait. I finally pulled out the "wad" which had a $100 bill right on top. At first I thought the whole wad might consist of $100 bills, but then I saw a $1 bill and a $2 bill on the other side of the wad. As I started counting the bills in the wad, I discovered the wad consisted mostly of post cards instead of currency. I laid down the postcards, then continued counting the cash. Altogether I had $500. I was happy with that and the boy seemed completely astounded.

I began looking through the post cards which were very old. I told the others I had gone to the closet to look for post cards in the first place, not to look for money. I figured the attractive postcards were from the early 1900s. Most pictures displayed well-executed cartoons on the front. I found them attractive. Turning one card over, I found writing on the back, but no stamp.

I continued looking through everything.

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