Dream of: 04 September 2009 "Taking A Trip"

I was talking with my grandmother Mabel (who was in good health) about the two of us taking a trip together. I thought I could be her chauffeur and since she had some money, she could pay for everything. She seemed to like the idea and she mentioned a place she would like to visit which I knew was in San Francisco. I thought it was possible for us to simply get in the car and take off. I knew I was also supposed to be taking care of my mother, but I thought I could leave my mother for a week. I knew I could simply take my mother with us, but I didn't want to do that because I didn't want to be with both my grandmother and my mother.

My mother was also somewhere in the building. I left to go to a little restaurant so I could bring back something to eat for my mother and my grandmother. After entering the restaurant, I stepped up to the counter and ordered a stack of pancakes for my mother, and scrambled eggs, biscuits with gravy, and bacon for my grandmother. I could see the bacon behind a glass counter. When the waitress said the bacon wasn't ready yet, I told her to make the order for sausage instead. The waitress put the pancakes and everything else together in a Styrofoam bowl, and then poured milk on the whole thing. I didn't like what she had done, but I decided to take the food anyway.

I had noticed one waiter hadn't seemed very friendly. Before I left, I set my food on the counter and walked back to the restroom. The unfriendly waiter was in the restroom and his face was all bloody. I didn't know what had happened to him, but I told him he shouldn't go outside like that. Ignoring me, he walked back into the restaurant. When I in turn walked out of the restroom, he was walking toward me. He had already cleaned off his face and he told me he had been fired. I didn't think he had deserved to be fired, but I thought his firing had probably been the result of his having been unfriendly to me.

The restaurant was closing down. Everyone except me, a waiter and a waitress (both dressed in white) had left. I told them I needed another bowl and silverware. Since they were ready to leave, I stepped behind the counter to fetch the silverware myself. They walked out and I walked out behind them. After I had stepped away from the restaurant, I wondered if I had locked the door behind me. 

As I walked down the street, it seemed as if I were in Columbus, Ohio in the area of The Ohio State University. Students (around 20 years old) were walking past me. I could hear them talking about college subjects. It seemed so long ago since I had been in college and it was refreshing to be in the college area again.

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