Dream of: 23 August 2009 (2) "Left Behind"

I was in the back seat of my 1999 white Ford Escort, traveling from Cincinnati to PortsmouthMy mother was driving and my father was sitting in the front passenger seat. Unexpectedly we came upon a roadblock by the highway patrol and along with many other cars, we were pulled over. After my mother pulled over, approximately five men circled around the car. One man walked up to the outside of the car with a large round metal detector and passed it over the back of the car (which was a hatchback). He even managed to stick something inside the car through the rear window. Obviously they were searching for drugs. I remained seated in the back seat, sure that I had no drugs in the car.

Suddenly, however, one of the men (only about 20 years old) saw something through the back hatchback window. He pulled the window open, reached into the car, and pulled out a marijuana roach, about a centimeter long. I cringed, unsure what to do. I didn't know where the roach had come from. I didn't think it belonged to me, although I knew some other people who might have had some drugs had been in the car.

As the men circled around the car, I anticipated they would arrest us. I didn't want to say the marijuana was mine, but I also didn't want my mother to be arrested. Finally, however, they simply had my mother sign some papers, and they released us. We continued riding down the road.

I was relieved, although my parents seemed a bit angry at me. I thought to myself that I would have told the officers that the car was mine if they would have asked me. I would have told them that it didn't belong to either of my parents. However, I wouldn't have told them that the dope was mine.

We continued along until we reached a small town where we stopped, climbed out of the car, and walked toward an old store on the corner of the street. As we walked up the five ponderous steps to the door, I managed to knock over a flimsy black-iron lamp post. The glass broke. I had just barely touched the post, so obviously it was defective. I picked up the post and laid it back down over to the side and we all continued on into the store.

The interior resembled an old fashioned soda parlor. We walked around inside, but we couldn't find anyone. Several well-furnished bedrooms could be seen through some open doors. Through another door was another room with several people inside. That room seemed to belong to another establishment which was not part of the store. The people in that room (which included women and several children) all seemed to be Asian. I had the feeling the room housed some kind of establishment for helping poor Asian women and their children.

As I continued to look around, one of the Asian women walked up to me and stood beside me. When I asked her how she was, she began talking friendly to me. I wondered if she were interested in me. She only stayed for a couple minutes, then returned to the other room.

When I finally concluded no one else was in the store, I looked around for my parents, but I didn't see them anywhere. I walked back outside and discovered the car was gone. Obviously my parents had forgotten me and left without me. Thinking they would return shortly, I stood at the top of the steps and waited. I waited and waited, but they didn't return. Finally I walked across the street to a car with some people in it. I spoke to them and they let me inside their car. I sat in the car and waited for about an hour. Finally I saw my mother standing on top of the stairs in front of the store. She was holding a piece of white cardboard with some writing on it, obviously something about me. I thought she must be looking for me. I stepped back out of the car and walked over to her. Without anyone saying anything, we boarded my car and headed down the road.

I still couldn't believe my parents could have forgotten me like that, but that was obviously what had happened. I intended to ask them to explain how they could have done such a thing.

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