Dream of: 23 August 2009 "Walk In The Forest"

As I was walking through a forest area, I happened to run into another fellow (probably in his early 20s) and we began walking along together in silence. We passed through an area covered with thick dark-gray mud. I was able to avoid the mud, but the other fellow sloshed through it. He began following me because I was mostly able to avoid the mud. We continued on until we reached a small hill of mud right in front of us, blocking our path. The fellow jumped onto the side of the hill in an attempt to climb over it, but the hill was too steep and he fell backwards onto his back. As I looked at the hillock of mud, I realized we could simply walk around it. I walked around the mound of mud and the fellow followed me. He seemed to admire my sagacity in passing around the hill. I discovered a dry path around the hill of mud. The fellow followed as I continued along the path. As I continued, however, I stepped into some mud and the other fellow found a better path. I followed him for a while.

We finally began to exit from the mud into a more forested area. I asked the fellow if he had brought a tent and he said he had. We were both wearing back packs and I imagined the fellow probably had a small yellow two-man tent in his backpack. I became a bit worried because I suddenly realized I didn't have a tent. If it rained, I would simply have to curl up as best as I could with only my clothes to protect me. It might become cold.

Suddenly I saw an animal running through the brush up ahead of us. It was a small animal about the size of a badger. I thought it might be a fox.

Then I clearly saw another man running through the trees. He was crouched down and running on all fours. The fellow with me saw the man and he began running after him. He disappeared into the woods. Not wanting to lose him, I ran after him. I didn't want to be alone in the forest.

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