Dream of: 16 August 2009 "Big Wheelchair"

I was driving a car filled with members of my family, including my brother Chris, headed toward the Gallia County Farm. Instead of driving a car, part of the time I seemed to be pushing everyone in a big wheelchair. As I laboriously pushed the wheelchair up and down little hills, I was uncertain anyone was appreciating what I was doing.

When we arrived at the Farmhouse (which seemed completely different from normal) my father was inside. He didn't seem happy. I quickly saw why. In one room, lying on a mattress on the floor, was an old man and an old woman passionately making out under some covers. At first I thought the woman might be my mother.  Also in the room was a black man and an attractive black-haired woman (probably in her early 20s). A second black fellow and another pretty woman (also probably in her early 20s) were also in the room. My father (who obviously didn't appreciate what was happening) disappeared as I sat on the couch and looked over the room.

One of the women broke away from her black man, walked over to me, and knelt down on the floor between my legs. She raised her head toward my face and we began kissing. She was very pretty. I immediately began to worry. She had just finished kissing the black fellow and I fretted I might be able to catch something from her just by kissing her. I thought I would definitely need to use a condom if I had sex with her.

After we had kissed for a while, the second woman walked over to me as if she intended to sit down next to me on the couch. For a moment I thought I might be with both women at the same time, but the woman on the floor stood up and walked away. The second woman sat down next to me and I prepared to start kissing her.

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