Dream of: 13 August 2009 "Prescription"

I had acquired approximately 40 blue 80-milligram Oxycontin pills. I was at the large two-story house of my father and my mother,  who had left and gone out of town, leaving me alone at the house.

Some people, including my girlfriend Michelle, came to visit me at the house. A friend of Michelle's named Skinny (probably in his late 20s) and Skinny's wife were in the group. I was a bit apprehensive about the people being in the house, but they didn't seem to be bothering anything, so I let them stay. While Michelle went into the kitchen to do something, I went into the first-floor bedroom which sported a large brown dresser with a mirror.

When I pulled one of the Oxycontin pills out of my pocket and held it in my hand, I noticed a small piece had chipped off. I held the pill to my nose and snorted a little powder from the chipped edge. I then pulled out a little clamp which I could use as a shaver, and I began shaving down the pill into powder on the dresser's top. At the same time, I hollered out, "Michelle! Michelle!"

From where I was, I could look through the bedroom door into the kitchen, but I couldn't see Michelle. I wanted her to come into the bedroom so I could show her what I had. I thought I would give her half the pill. I calculated that for half a pill I should receive an hour's worth of sex. I figured she would stay all night with me and I knew if she did the pill now, we probably wouldn't have sex until the next morning.

Instead of Michelle, Skinny walked into the room. Happy to see me, he hugged me. He didn't realize what I had. When another woman walked into the room, I covered the pill because I didn't want them to see it. Finally, however, they saw that I had something. I couldn't remember what kind of pills I had but finally I told them I had "a prescription for oxycodone." I wasn't sure, however, whether I actually had a prescription. I had indeed obtained the pills from a doctor, albeit under rather shady circumstances. The doctor had simply handed me the pills, so I didn't know whether I actually had a prescription, but I wasn't too worried about the police coming in on me.

I thought about asking Skinny if he knew where I could obtain some Xanex. I thought Xanex would go well with the pills. 

As I waited for Michelle, I noticed both Skinny and the woman looking greedily at my pill. I finally blurted out that I wasn't going to give any to Michelle right then, even though I knew I would give the pill to her when she came.

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