Dream of: 09 August 2009 "Being Coy"

My friend Michelle had been released from jail. When I first saw her after her release, she was with another man and woman (who seemed somewhat like Michelle's mother). The four of us boarded a car and rode out into the country. When we finally stopped, we all stepped out of the car and walked around. Michelle and I weren't walking together and I wasn't able to talk much with her. I was uncertain whether she was attached to the other fellow.

As the others walked ahead of me, I could hear Michelle talking about how she had already been with her family. When she described the different kinds of food she had bought for them, I thought to myself that she had bought the food with money which I had given her, even though I didn't seem to receive any appreciation.

I finally caught up with Michelle and was able to speak with her alone. When I asked her why she wasn't being good to me, she acted coy and didn't answer.

A shallow rocky stream was flowing near us. I thought to myself that Michelle and I could abscond by ourselves into the stream, lie down in the water, and make love. Michelle, however, was being so standoffish, I didn't know whether she was going to allow me to make love to her. 

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